Our Mission

The Autism Society Central Virginia (ASCV) is proud to serve as one of the region’s premier sources of education, advocacy, services, and support for individuals with autism, their families and friends, and professionals. Our mission is to improve the lives of all affected by autism by maximizing the self-sufficiency, independence, and quality of life for all living with autism. We are committed to meaningful participation and self-determination in all aspects of life for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. Our vision for the future is that all individuals with autism receive early identification, appropriate therapies, and supports to achieve their highest potential and quality of life.

As the prevalence rate of autism continues to rise, we see a continued need for more programs and services. The ASCV provides individuals and families with much needed programs and resources to support the development, maintenance and application of skills necessary to navigate social, communication, and behavioral challenges that many individuals with autism experience.

At the Autism Society Central Virginia, we fulfill our mission to improve the lives of all affected by autism by:

  • providing Information and Referral services to anyone seeking resources on autism services and supports
  • hosting regular social, recreational & support groups for individuals with autism and their families
  • holding educational workshops and training opportunities throughout the year
  • providing scholarships for individuals with autism to participate in recreational programs in the local community
  • and much more!

We provide 5 core services that help us fulfill our mission:

INFORMATION & REFERRAL – We provide outreach, information, and referral services to connect those in need with the best local, state, and national resources.

LIFESPAN PROGRAMS & SERVICES – We offer a wide range of programs and services to provide opportunities for skill development, connection, and support throughout each stage of life.

ADVOCACY – We work to make real and lasting system changes at local, state and national levels that improve the lives of all affected by autism.

EDUCATION & TRAINING – We provide high quality, comprehensive training and educational opportunities on autism-related topics for individuals, families, professionals, and other community members.

COMMUNITY COLLABORATION – We have deep ties to our local community and value our strong partnerships with community members, local businesses, service providers and other nonprofit organizations.