All KidMed Locations Designated “Autism Friendly Communities”

After months of staff training and facility upgrades, the ASCV has designated all four KidMed Pediatric Urgent Care centers as “Autism Friendly Communities.” 

According to the CDC, autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States. One in 36 children currently receives an autism diagnosis. As the only pediatric urgent healthcare center in Richmond and Stafford, KidMed sought to make urgent healthcare more accessible to young patients with autism and sensory issues. Families with children diagnosed with autism who require insurance coverage can find valuable information on platforms like This site, for example, may offer some guidance on navigating insurance options tailored to the specific needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

“Our providers receive great pediatric medical training, but we always want to go above and beyond the standard training,” said Mark Flanzenbaum, M.D., FAAP, co-founder of KidMed. “Patients with autism and their families deserve care that is tailored to their needs from the moment they walk in our door. We’re grateful for ASCV’s training and advice because it has helped us create a less stressful, more comfortable environment for the kids in our care.”

KidMed is the first for-profit organization to receive ASCV’s “Autism Friendly Communities” designation. Through this process, all staff members – from employees at the front desk to healthcare providers – are required to undergo training on improving the quality of care for patients with autism and their families. Sensory kits, including headphones, fidget toys, and other sensory accommodations, are now available at each of KidMed’s four locations. These include dedicated sensory-friendly rooms that have softened lighting options and minimized noises and smells. KidMed’s Save Your Spot feature also allows patients to skip the waiting room and wait in their car or at home.

“We’re grateful for KidMed leading the way in our medical community,” said ASCV Executive Director Ann Flippin. “As more businesses like KidMed join the AFC program, more places will be safe, welcoming environments for our Autistic community members.”

“Going to medical and dental appointments is always challenging for us,” said Kate Fletcher, mother to three boys with autism: Matthew, Wesley, and Henry.  “Due to the boys’ lack of functional language, they can’t really articulate what hurts or what’s wrong. We look for clues based on their behavior. There’s also a ton of anxiety around these appointments and fear of the unknown. Having staff trained on these nuances and still treating my kids (and us) with dignity is crucial. The Autism Friendly Communities training not only benefits people with autism, but also makes these places more inclusive and appropriate for people with Down’s syndrome, intellectual disabilities, speech/language impairments, and more.” 

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