An autism diagnosis presents multifaceted benefits for autistic individuals and their families, paving the way for early intervention, tailored support, access to services, legal protections, family understanding, emotional well-being, long-term planning, advocacy, reduced stigma, and an improved quality of life. 



Organization for Autism Research (OAR) – A Parent’s Guide to Assessment

CDC – Screening and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder 

What Should an Evaluation for Autism Look Like? 

Difference between a screening, educational determination, and medical diagnosis

Many providers currently have waitlists. We recommend getting on multiple waitlists, and if you find another provider that can do the evaluation quicker, then you can just remove yourself from the list.

Some key questions you may want to ask when contacting evaluators are:
1) How long is the waitlist for an appointment?
2) What is the cost?  It varies greatly from provider to provider. 
3) Do they take your insurance? 
4) What will you get with your evaluation?  Some providers will give a diagnosis and then send you on your way, and some will give a very lengthy and multi-disciplinary report

Evaluation Providers

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