Meet Our Newest Self-Advocate Council Members 2024!

We’re pleased to welcome the newest members of the ASCV Self-Advocate Advisory Council! Self-Advocate Council members advise and support the ASCV in the development, implementation, and evaluation of our programs and services to ensure we are appropriately including and amplifying Autistic voices in all that we do. Our Council members represent a broad range of ages, cultures, and autistic experiences. Meet the rest of the council and learn more HERE

Jalesia Clardy-Josephs (she/her)

Jalesia has been involved with the ASCV since January of 2023 when she started as an intern for them. She was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4 when she lived overseas in Okinawa, Japan. When she’s not volunteering for ASCV events, she likes to spend her free time crocheting, watching YouTube, and roller skating. She currently attends Reynolds Community College and is working towards a career studies certificate in Ecommerce in hopes of having a small business in crochet!

McKenzie Elim (she/her)

McKenzie is a recent graduate of Long Island University Global, where she majored in Global Studies and minored in International Relations, Spanish, and Arts and Communications. While most of her research has focused on sustainable food systems, after receiving an ASD diagnosis during the Summer of 2023, she was further motivated to join the ASCV as a program intern for the Fall semester and explore how program involvement can empower autistic adults to advocate for themselves and others. Outside of school and work, McKenzie loves to travel, learn languages, eat vegetables, and play sports such as archery

Lucy Hentges (she/her)

Lucy is a person with Autism who joined the ASCV as a self advocate member in the fall of 2023. She is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and resides in Richmond City with her wife of 9 years. Lucy holds an associate of the arts in paralegal studies. She enjoys regular journaling, taking photographs, reading memoirs, restoring leather bags and is a lover of all forms of art. Her dog is a source of great comfort and a beloved companion. Daily routines, cleanliness, laundry and organization are sources of emotional regulation for her and she takes pride in making her apartment a sanctuary. Although sensory integration can present challenges for her, Lucy is determined to continually seek out new supports and solutions for herself that make daily life more easily navigable and comfortable. She has a loving and highly supportive system of friends and family members.

Anna Mooney, MBA, EMT (she/her)

Anna, a self-proclaimed autistic data-savant and fervent advocate for neurodiversity, brings a unique blend of analytical expertise and innovative thinking to the self-advocate council. With a keen eye for uncovering patterns in data and a passion for challenging conventional thought, Anna seamlessly integrates data analytics with creativity. Through her dedication to spreading awareness of neurodiversity in the workplace and her commitment to transparent relationships, Anna aims to remove thought barriers and foster inclusive environments. Her extensive experience in community service reflects her unwavering dedication to serving others and contributing positively to her community.

Jordan Smith (he/him)

Jordan is a new member of ASCV. He was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism after graduating from college in 2018. Passionate about fashion and hopes to create his own clothing line. Jordan enjoys playing sports, yoga, and being adventurous. Beyond his athletic pursuits, he hopes to inspire individuals on the autism spectrum, proving that with determination and courage, anything is possible.

If you would like to find out how to get involved  in the Self Advocate Council, please reach out to [email protected].

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