Autism Acceptance Month Feature: Katie

April is Autism Acceptance Month!

Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States, with one in 36 children receiving a diagnosis, according to a newly-released report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In addition to 5.8 million Autistic adults, this prevalence means that Autism likely touches a vast majority of Americans either through relationships or direct experience, and the support needs across the Autism spectrum are vastly different. 

 Throughout the month, we will feature members of our local autism community, highlighting the various ways that autistic individuals and their families are connecting with each other and the broader community.

This week, we hear from Katie: 

As part of our Tell Us Your Story series for Autism Acceptance Month, we encountered some truly insightful narratives, including Katie, a member of the ASCV’s Self-Advocate Council and active participant in our adult programs. Katie was recently interviewed by the Rogers Radio Podcast. Watch the video below to hear about Katie’s journey from diagnosis to advocacy. 

We extend our deepest appreciation to Katie for sharing her story and insights!

Would you like to share your story this Autism Acceptance Month? Share your story HERE.