Scholarships & Financial Assistance Programs

Inclusivity is a core value of the ASCV and we remain dedicated to reducing income barriers.

The ASCV offers Membership and Program Scholarships, covering the cost of our annual membership fees and registration fees for fee-based programming; Social & Recreational Scholarships, providing assistance for community-based opportunities; Educational Enrichment Scholarships, offsetting the costs of workshops and conferences related to Autism; and Transportation Scholarships, offering financial assistance to adults with Autism to use towards transportation to and from ASCV adult programs and events. Our Holiday Giving Tree program provides financial assistance with stipends for gifts or meals to help brighten the holiday season.

To learn more about our Scholarships and Financial Assistance Opportunities, or to apply for assistance, please click the blocks below:

ASCV Membership Scholarships

Our Membership Scholarships offer individuals with autism and/or their families who are experiencing financial difficulties, and/or for whom membership fees would place a financial burden, to join the ASCV.

ASCV Program Scholarships

Our Program Scholarships support individuals with autism in participating in fee-based programs hosted by the ASCV.

ASCV Transportation Scholarships

Our ASCV Transportation Scholarships offer financial assistance to autistic individuals and their families to use towards transportation to and from ASCV programs and events.

Social & Recreational Scholarships

Our Social and Recreational Scholarships support individuals with autism in participating in social and recreational activities in our local community.

Educational Enrichment Scholarships

Our Educational Enrichment Scholarship Program supports individuals with autism, caregivers, and family members in participating in programs that allow them to gain valuable information, resources, and experiences related to autism.

ASCV Holiday Giving Tree Program

Our Holiday Giving Tree Program offers financial assistance for holiday gifts and meals to local individuals with autism and families in need.