Planned Giving

Your Planned Gift can support the ASCV for many years to come!

Your charitable gift will provide vital support for our organization, as well as immediate or deferred tax benefits for you and your family. Every dollar invested in the ASCV  benefits individuals and families, so your contribution has the potential to influence the well-being of others far into the future.

Invest in the future of the ASCV by working with a financial advisor to set up an IRA Charitable Rollover, trust or bequest, or beneficiary designation on a life insurance policy. If you are considering including the Autism Society of Central Virginia in your estate plans contact us at [email protected].

Stock Gifts

By making a donation in the form of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other appreciated securities, you are making an investment in the future of the Autism community. As a donor, you may take a charitable deduction for the full fair-market value of the appreciated securities held longer than one year and avoid the capital gains tax.

Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-advised funds are one of the fast-growing methods of giving, as well as one of the most tax-efficient ways to make a donation to the Autism Society of Central Virginia. By making a contribution through a donor-advised fund, you can support our mission and receive an immediate tax deduction as you support the ASCV over time. The contribution will grow tax-free in your DAF account until it is ready to be distributed. You may also eliminate capital gains taxes if you contribute appreciated assets instead of cash. Updating your beneficiary information can typically be done through your DAF’s website.

IRA Rollover

You may be looking for a way to make a big difference to help further our mission. If you are 70½ or older you may also be interested in a way to lower the income and taxes from your IRA withdrawals. An IRA charitable rollover is a way you can help continue our work and benefit this year.

Legacy Giving

Make a lasting impact by supporting the ASCV through your estate plans. Planned gifts not only provide for the ASCV’s future, but they can offer current tax benefits and help reduce estate taxes. One of the easiest ways to make a planned gift is to place the ASCV in your will. We are happy to work with you to ensure that your gift is arranged easily with as much benefit to you as possible. If you have included the ASCV in your estate plans, please let us know so we may celebrate your incredible generosity.

Life Insurance

If your need for life insurance has decreased, transforming the policy into a gift can help you meet philanthropic goals and realize income tax savings, estate tax advantages and extend your charitable reach with a low annual cost. Transferring ownership of a cash value policy to the ASCV may allow you to receive a tax deduction based on its current value.

Contact Us

Please contact Maryanne Serignese at [email protected] or 804.259.3188 should you have any questions about making a lasting impact with a planned gift to the ASCV.