Ken Yasnowsky

The Autism Society (Central VA Chapter) has been helpful to me, my wife Paige, and my son in many ways:

  • Provided useful books, DVDs, and CDs for loan through the chapter library;
  • Set up meetings on important topics such as IEPs, Transition, Behavior issues, ID/DD Waivers, and many more.  Not only has the material been of great benefit but the meetings offer a great opportunity to hear from and collaborate with other parents of children with ASD and also with professionals from many different fields;
  • Provided social events such as bowling and picnics;
  • Provided a place to go for advice when there was no where else to go. Members and Leadership of the Autism Society have reviewed my IEPs, letters. and helped with major decisions;
  • Lead and informed of advocacy needs and events;
  • Through email, kept us informed of many other events and resources that will help us raise our child with ASD in the best manner possible;
  • Set up and run a 5K race every spring to raise money for the Chapter.  This is a very fun event that we look forward to attending each year. In all, the ASACV has been an invaluable resource and only a very minimal dues is required.  Everyone who has a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder should be a member.”