ASCV Member Spotlight: Aiden’s Story

Did you know the Autism Society of Central Virginia was founded by a group of parents more than 40 years ago? They were looking for resources for their children and themselves. Today, the ASCV continues to be a leading voice and resource for caregivers, individuals with autism, their loved ones, and our community at large. With each year, the need for our services grows – we now serve an estimated 6,000 people annually. 

As we grow and reach more people, our dedicated staff and volunteers connect each person with the services and opportunities they need. Kara was one such parent who found hope and direction for her son and entire family through the ASCV. She shares her story…

“When our son Aiden was diagnosed with autism, we wanted to find all the services available,” she says. “The ASCV has become a large part of our lives and a way for our family to connect with people who are in similar situations as we are.”

Kara says she and her family rely on the ASCV’s programming for Aiden to interact with peers his own age. His favorite activities have included white water rafting, nerf gun wars, arcade visits, and especially summer camp. 

“The staff and volunteers at all the events have always been so welcoming,” Kara says.

Kara and her family are household members of the ASCV. In addition to enriching programs for her son, the community of families she and her family have connected with is one of the best parts of being a member, she says. 

“It’s been refreshing to be in a group of families and individuals who understand our struggles and to not feel judged,” Kara says. “We recommend the ASCV to all we meet as a way to find a group of people who understand your life in a way that many don’t. We could not be more grateful for the opportunities the ASCV has provided Aiden, as well as our family!” 

The ASCV is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community for families like Aiden’s. The impact of our programs is profound, and we will continue to enhance and expand our programs as the need in our community grows.

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